Why it’s important to remember your roots – especially in the business world.

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At month-end, year-end and financial year-end, business owners, entrepreneurs and company directors all have one dominant question on their minds: how do I further increase revenue in the upcoming month/year/financial year? The reason behind it is quite simple (although the answer may not be); it’s what industry standard expects of you.

But sometimes progression requires a retrospective look at your company or business foundation. ‘Forward-thinking’, ‘future-orientated’, or however else you choose to phrase it, requires guidance by means of a compass embedded in your past.


  • Where does your company/business come from?
  • What is the history and culture of your company/business?
  • What was your vision for the company/business when you decided to pursue the idea/venture?


Only once you have regained sight of the above, can you plan the path of your company/business going forward.


These are the reasons why:

  • Origin is a reminder of value and vision.
  • Origin paves direction with brick and stone.
  • Origin flags achievement and accomplishment.


Origin is a reminder of value and vision:

When deciding to take on the business world as an entrepreneur/business owner, grand ideas and ideals are cherished. You often forget that the competitive corporate society could cause you to lose sight of these values.

Perhaps your time has become so constricted that you neglect your social responsibility. Perhaps production has become so fast-paced that your carbon negative practices have been abandoned. Or perhaps you’ve been so busy counting your riches that you have neglected to reward those who brought them to you.

Taking a moment to look back at the values you encompassed when your business originated, anchors a reminder of your first-pursued vision and provides you with an opportunity to reassume responsibility and carry it out.


Origin paves direction with brick and stone:

And by brick and stone, we mean a path that is unchanged by temptation, impulse and unnecessary risk.

Success is defined by directing your decisions, work-input and your corporate practices at reaching stretch targets. If you reach one, you set another.

By having a clear and definite goal on paper (having it in mind is insufficient – humans forget things), your business/company has purpose and direction. You are equipped with the ability to say no to tempting opportunities that are not in-line with your vision or ultimate target. Your business/company has, by keeping sight of its origin and culture, a rare asset many other businesses don’t; steered drive, definite outcomes and purposed objectives.


Origin flags achievement and accomplishment

An athlete doesn’t know how far he’s run until the finish line is in sight. In business, there are no finish lines, that’s why it’s imperative to keep sight of your starting line.

Owning and managing a business is just as much a competition against yourself as it is against competitor brands.


How has your company/business progressed/transformed over the past period?

What mountains have your business/company moved?

How far have you and your business come since the starting jump?


By measuring your personal and individual company/business growth provides a means of motivation and a sense of accomplishment for you and your business. Your company might not be able to compete with Coca Cola, but have tripled sales in the past financial year.


As said by Albert EInstein, a fish will always be inferior when judged on his ability to climb a tree.


In conclusion, the question of revenue lacks directors if not guided by your roots. Business success is made up of many things, has many definitions and is achieved through many different methods.

In regards to knowing where your company comes from and where it is headed, success is knowing your values, establishing your vision and striving to uphold both in the spirit and purport of that once-upon-an-entrepreneur, who long ago stumbled upon, perhaps, a potentially brilliant idea.


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