What’s New in Version 1.6 of the Mobile and Desktop App

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Our recent update focuses on resolving common bugs reported by users, improving overall user-experience and decreasing the overall resource load on your device.

Let’s have a look at the improvements you will find in the latest version of the app.


Bug Fixes/Features:

Over the last few weeks we have focused on identifying issues that influence usability. You will most likely notice minor user interface improvements which have been made to increase your productivity and improve your experience as a user. Let’s have a look at these below.





Main Chat List Area (Home Screen) – Firstly, we resolved an issue with the scrollbar and you should now be able to scroll through your chats with ease.


Additionally, we have added chat grouping, meaning chats are now grouped based on their status (Pending, Active, Browsing, Closed).

You may also notice the site statistics showing your user count at the bottom of the screen.




Data Storage – Under the hood, we switched from using a registry based system (for data storage) to using our own filetype instead. This has improved overall performance as we are no longer making registry calls for data storage.

This should improve the overall performance and usability as it reduces resource requirements on the app. Don’t worry, none of your settings will be lost, we have developed functionality to update your settings accordingly.






Chat Window – Within the chat window you will notice that we have added a ?User Information’ area. This allows you to see basic user information while chatting.

We also added basic text processing to support the latest version of the WP Live Chat Support Pro add-on.

Additionally, you can now receive images within the app. (Soon you will be able to send them remotely as well!)





Window Focus (Desktop) – We added a Focus Request to the desktop app, which means the WP Live Chat App window will request focus (bringing it to the front) when a chat request is received.


This will reduce the risk of missing a chat due to not noticing the request.





User Information – A bug was fixed which would switch you to ?offline’ when viewing detailed user information. You should now receive internal notifications when a chat request is made, or if a new message is received, while viewing user information.

These notifications are ?silent’, however are visible and can be clicked to open the relevant chat.

Additionally, we have added the ability to view the page the user is on, as well as mail the user directly by clicking a button.





Responsive Menu (Desktop) – When using the Desktop app at a resolution greater than 1000px wide, the app menu’s will automatically resize allowing you to open the menu without hiding the chat area.


Welcome Message – We resolved a bug where the welcome message was being sent multiple times, and also added an option to disable this functionality if needed.


Translations – Thank you to Dennis Klinger for our first translation of the WP Live Chat App (DE). You can now switch between languages from the setup area.


If you would like to assist us in translating the app, please get in touch with us!


API Improvements – On the server-side, we recently reworked some of our code which should decrease the overall ping speed from within the app, which means a smaller delay is seen between sending a message and receiving it.

We have also simplified the device approval process for users by allowing you to simply click a button to approve a device. (You will be required to log in to your account on wp-livechat.com)


Push Notifications (Android) (Phase 1) – Lastly, we have finally included basic push notifications in the app. However, this does not mean the app will be able to run without being open.

This is only the first phase in implementing push notifications, and as such we will be sending you simple tips on using the app.

*These notifications will allow us to test the push service to ensure stability before we implement it fully.



If you do not have the latest version of the app, please find it below:


Windows – 32bit: http://ccplugins.co/dist/live_chat_app/win/86/v1_6/LiveChatApp-Installer_32.exe

Windows – 64bit: http://ccplugins.co/dist/live_chat_app/win/64/v1_6/LiveChatApp-Installer.exe


Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.CodeCabin.LiveChatApp


Mac/iOS: We are currently in the process of submitting our app to the App Store, once this is complete we will mail all current app users with download information.


Dylan Auty

App Developer



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