What’s coming to WP Live Chat Support in 2018?

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Now that we have finally launched our new version 8 which is built around a solid new scalable real time server, the possibilities are endless. This year we envisage bringing you functionality that will not only blow your socks off, but make us the only live chat plugin that truly focuses on both what the user and agent need out of a chat solution. Take a look at some of the functionality we plan to release this year, below.


Video and voice chat

We’ve already built an alpha release of our new video server which will allow agents to provide video chat to visitors on their website. The connection will be peer-to-peer which offers more security and efficiency.



Sometimes, customers may want to share their screen with you to show you a problem or challenge they are facing.


Remote control

Apart from screensharing, we’re considering adding in functionality for you to control a user’s mouse and keyboard for a brief duration so that as an agent, you can provide them with that extra special support.


Comprehensive reporting

Providing support is more than just chatting to customers. It’s about seeing trends and picking up on patterns and acting on them for the betterment of your brand and users. Real time graphs and statistics will be available soon with our new reporting module coming out in 2018.


Giphy (or alternative)

Everyone loves a GIF every now and then. We will be looking at a few GIF services such as Giphy in the next quarter.


Chat bots

We’ll be releasing some artificially intelligent chat bots this year. Let them do all the hard work for you and only attend to the chat when truly necessary.


More integrations

  • Google drive for uploads
  • Dropbox
  • Salesforce extension
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Commands (“/endchat”, “/ask-for-rating”, etc.)


If you think we need to be adding anything else to our product during the course of 2018, please get in touch.

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