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At WP Live Chat Support, we aim to meet and satisfy the needs of our customers. Because we strive to provide you with only the best in features and functionality, we have partnered with other market leaders in order to provide you with a superior and unmatched live chat solution!


Introducing NimbleSquirrel – Voice of Customer Insights

Are you tired of wondering why visitors on your website aren’t purchasing your products or how you should add to the development of your product offering, so as to better appeal to your customers’ needs and desire to buy? NimbleSquirrel has helped countless business owners and marketers solve this exact dilemma, with a snazzy little tool that was created to address our own frustration with these questions.


NimbleSquirrel, a survey pop-up tool, is uniquely and specially designed to pinpoint the behavioural traits of customers.

NimbleSquirrel helps you identify;

  • Why visitors are browsing your website,
  • Why visitors don’t decide to make a purchase,
  • What buyers truly need from your product offering,
  • And what you are lacking as a product provider, so as to become or stay competitive.
  • Your Net Promoter Score.
  • And allows you to capture leads through mini lead forms.


NimbleSquirrel lets you ask questions like;

  • What feature/factor would make us better than our competitors?
  • Do you believe our pricing is reasonable?
  • Would you be interested in a winter’s range?

and so turn website visitors into potential and definite customers!


As an insight-driven tool, NimbleSquirrel is a handy helper in your marketing and sales efforts. With its unobtrusive display, website visitors aren’t bombarded by lengthy surveys, newsletter requests or notifications.

Choose or customize the exact questions you want to ask, the theme and display options of your survey box and even the statistics you wish to view.


By gathering valuable, real-time information from your website visitors, you not only guide the development of your product or service, but improve conversion quality, add to the improvability of your reputation and steer your marketing effort in the right direction!

With WP Live Chat Support’s NimbleSquirrel integration, you be rest assured that no acorn is left unturned!

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