Version 7 of WP Live Chat Support available now!

by December 14, 2016 4 Comments


WP Live Chat Support is more intelligent than ever before!


Experience new major features, free from plugin bugs. Remember to report any issues you may still encounter here, where a WP Live Chat Support technician will be at your service to assist.

Diving straight into new major features, download and enjoy the following in version 7:

  • Departments – Assign certain agents to certain departments
  • Chat transfers – transfer a chat to another agent or a different department
  • Custom fields – Add custom fields to the pre-chat area
  • Start typing immediately – Allow users to start typing immediately without having to wait for an agent to join the chat
  • System notifications – Users and agents will now be notified of key events (user changes pages, transfers, suggestions, etc)
  • Documentation suggestions – The plugin will suggest posts/pages to the user based on what they type
  • Google Analytics integration – Track chat events via Google Analytics
  • Powerful message exchange server – We’ve built a Node.js message¬†exchange server to do all the heavy lifting for your site. This removes the need for your server to handle the constant chat loop that produces high server resource usage, while still allowing all your data to be stored on your site and fully under your control.


The team at WP Live Chat Support strive to enhance your customer-driven product, to best accommodate your individual or company needs. We would love to hear from you so please do get in touch with us here with suggestions that may very well feature next!

Enjoy Version 7!


The Live Chat Support Team



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