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A wise man once said that marketing is a contest for people’s attention. For us, however, marketing is the doorway entrance to generating leads. In the past decade, the most effective means of marketing your business have changed and modernised dramatically; from a paper and print to an online, revolutionising world.


Looking for information? Google it. Needing to locate the nearest shopping centre? Consult your online map application. It seems that everything besides toiletpaper have transformed into an electronic, cloud-based or mobile operating system.


For new entrepreneurs, small business or enterprises on the rise, however, this bright new world of digital intelligence poses a great pitfall; a vast playground of competing industries and information sources. With traditional marketing methods, such as newspaper mentions and billboard ads, taking a back-seat, it’s hard to realize the correct means or channels to effectively promote your products. Fortunately, our team of marketing pioneers initiated their investigation into the topic and were not shy to share their secrets.


?It’s with no hesitation that our finding concluded 4 steps in the process, or let’s rather say, 4 sure schemes to optimize online exposure and identity.?

– Code Cabin Marketing Research Specialist


Social media marketing practices

Advertising on Social Media Platforms stretches beyond targeting popular applications or pastimes, it’s the realizations that marketing subjects are provided with a tool that reaches both local and international demographics. It elevates the awareness of your business beyond the constricted limits of a geographical area and broadens the potential growth of your client base.


Live chat software applications

Mainly due to fast-changing technologies and robotification, customers seek a genuine fulfilment in their product or service need. A business or agent that provides them personalised and tailored packaged solutions, initiates more than just single customer satisfaction, it adds to the merit of one’s reputation and the quality of your service offering.


Online paid-advertising

PPC advertising is responsible for some the highest ROI (return of investment) channels utilized to attract online customers. PPC advertising lends the ultimate benefit of visibility and accessibility to online users, all over the world.


Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization is especially valuable when used in combination with PPC. Although the past decade had rapid modernizations into an online society, it’s more than probable to assume that a large amount of users are unfamiliar with paid ads and prefer organic search results on search engines.


Meeting the demands of customers and service users requires being able to meet the demands circumstantial factors provide our business’. Being relevant, mentionable and trending has become more of an essentiality than a consideration.


By utilizing the marketing channels mentioned above, companies are given the opportunity to place their products on the map and promote their market relevance.


For any business or product trying to make it in the online world, we encourage and urge the use of at least one of these channels, to not only equip their company profile with the necessary leverage to be competition worthy on the World Wide Web, but to establish their doorway to increased and prosperous lead generation.

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