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As a member of the WordPress community, it’s no secret to you that there is just about a million WordPress Plugins out there. Will you ever have a proper list of the most needed or important for your website? Probably not.


At WP Live Chat Support, however, we have formulated a criteria we believe any leading plugin should be able to meet and even exceed! A criteria according to which we have sculpted our own product line and improved on its usability for our plugin customers.


Before you decide to purchase or install a plugin, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:


  • Position one in your search results, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best or most popular plugin of its kind.
  • Many plugins have very similar names, be careful of confusing the plugin you are looking for, for a plugin that has the same ring!
  • Do some research, a well-reputed plugin is sure to be mentioned elsewhere than your wordpress.org platform.


Generally, all plugins of a kind meets certain standards set by WordPress and will equip you will the solution you are looking for. The trick, however, is to separate the cream from the crop and choose a plugin that’s feature-rich, renowned, reliable, secure and has the ability to take your business/brand further.


When looking for a plugin, consider the following four criteria points:


Is this plugin able to not only fulfill in my need, but provide me with a rich user experience?(What are the benefits when compared to similar plugins?)
Is this plugin user-friendly and easy to install?(Look at the plugin screenshots to get a general idea.)


Does this plugin have reputable reviews?Remember to look at the number of reviews; a handful of reviews doesn’t justify a 5 star rating!
When was this plugin last updated?Updates equals improvements and added functionality.


To give you an idea of how to use this in practice, we have analyzed our own WordPress Plugin:

Is this plugin able to not only fulfill in my need, but provide me with a rich user experience?

WP Live Chat Support is a support, sales and marketing tool. Website visitors are able to initiate a chat with you and enquire about promotions, products or purchases.



  • Visitors can leave an offline message
  • You have the ability to accept unlimited chats
  • You are able to view chat history
  • You are able to review missed chats
  • You are able to customize your chat box


PLUS – Upgrading to our Pro Add-on, unlock an ARRAY of new features like reporting, encryption, file sharing and surveys!


Is this plugin user-friendly and easy to install?

With WP Live Chat Support, you simply download/upload the plugin and click active! No third-party systems are required.


Does this plugin have reputable reviews?

WP Live Chat Support has 226 5-star reviews and an average rating of 4.5/5 stars!


When was this plugin last updated?

Because we believe in continuous development and progression, our latest plugin version is never older than a few weeks!  


So next time you have the need to find and install a WordPress plugin, ensure you choose only the best, by cancelling out the rest with our effective, simple and handy criteria!


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