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What was once a new and mysterious marketing phenomenon (and by once I mean a few years ago), is today widely known and used for its lead generating capabilities. Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Advertising has taken the online world by storm. SO much so, that it has become necessary to ask: ?what now’?

How can we top our previous prevailing marketing success? How can we stick out among the millions who are implementing SEO and PPC just as effectively?

Imagine the opening of a highly acclaimed clothing boutique. The boutique has done well in carrying its name through word of mouth and various other means of marketing. You decide to visit the boutique and are greeted by some of the finest materials and prints you have ever seen, but there is no shop assistant in sight. You would like to open an account, enquire if whether they have more sizes, reach the pair of trousers on the highest shelf or is simply contemplating if a certain colour is a good fit for you. So what do you do?

More often than not, whether a site or store visitor, a frustrated or confused client packs up their things and leave. The same example can be applied when driving traffic to your website via SEO or PPC. Visitors have reached your landing page, great!. Now how do you convert the lead? The answer lies with WP Live Chat.

WP Live Chat is a nifty live chat sales and support tool; it’s the much needed shop assistant mentioned above.

WP Live Chat as Marketing and Sales tool


WP Live Chat is a multi-purpose live chat tool that provides your site/online store with an immediate means of customer-to-agent communication, support, point of sales, point-of-order and general complaints/care. It’s the final step in securing your SEO and PPC marketing success.

By decreasing the bounce rate (and increasing a visitor’s active time on the website) the overall quality of your SEO is improved, resulting in a higher SEO score in accordance with Google’s ranking methods/algorithm.


The online world is a vast and promising platform to which every business is given a fair opportunity to build their reputation and brand. Yet for some time, our marketing efforts and methodology have been missing the final lead-to-sure-sale ingredient. With live chat as your SEO and PPC companion, you won’t only boost sales, increase customer satisfaction and build your quality, but you will simultaneously add to the credibility of your product, the integrity of your business and the longstanding loyalty of your client and customer base.

In the words of Google software engineer Matt Cutts, it is necessary to always have a well-rounded portfolio of generating leads. Combining your SEO and PPC with live, real-time chats, equipts your business with just that and paves your way to prolonged paid and organic marketing success.

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