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Contrary to popular belief, live chat can be utilized for much more than just customer queries. A live chat solution or tool with functionalities as rich as WP Live Chat Support, not only caters to an array of (if not all) industries, but is a means and method of marketing and support.


WP Live Chat Support as marketing tool


By being able to initiate chats with your website visitors, you have a window of opportunity to convert your leads into sales. Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Advertising are effective marketing channels to drive traffic to your website, yet lacks the final ingredient when it comes to making sales: customer engagement.


Studies have shown that 77% of customers feel more assured and comfortable to make a purchase, if there is a live chat agent assisting/to assist them.

WP Live Chat Support further allows the user or agent to upload files and images to the chat, which is effective in providing the visitor with selected marketing materials.


WP Live Chat Support as support tool


Instead of submitting a ticket and waiting the average 22 hours for a response (as recorded by Zendesk), website visitors can initiate a chat with a live agent to ask pre-sale questions, instructions, rid of confusion or misunderstanding and feel trusted with what they are paying for, before making a blind purchase (which would most often lead to a refund request).


By adding to the satisfaction of your website visitors and customers, the reputation of your brand or business grows, accompanied by sales and engagement increase.  


WP Live Chat Support is rich in functionality and can be used for various industries, including travel and tourism, hospitality or even blogging and photography. We pride ourselves on providing a market leading product fit for enterprises, yet affordably packaged to cater to all SME’s.


We believe that the continuous development of our Live Chat solution places us above many and ensures that you get your value’s worth.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, we’re sure our reviews speak for themselves! Read some here.

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