Social Media Management Strategies

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We have often times stressed the importance of creating a well-rounded portfolio for generating online leads. Allowing for company recognition on a diversified range of platforms, builds both your reputation and brand and boosts overall product awareness. Of course, with added online channels comes added responsibility and maintenance and that can take up a hefty amount of your time and productivity. A luxury smaller companies cannot necessarily afford.

Such situations call for reform.

Having one properly presented, populated online or social marketing channel is more beneficial to your company than multiple unattended or abandoned platforms. For industry newbies or companies constrained by time and resources, we suggest deciding on one marketing platform that is both simple and efficient to maintain. Your online marketing starter-kit should ideally consist of a site blog and social sharing channel, or a content-driven social channel approach.


Site Blog and Social Sharing Channel

Your customers know as much about your company and product, as you tell them. Conversational company information is dynamic and cannot simply be pasted onto an ?about us? page; it will never capture the essence of your brand! Customers get acquainted with your service offering by reading about your values and vision, accomplishments, overall development and prospects for the future. By writing and posting blog updates on your website, you enable and encourage website visitors and potential customers to build a relationship with your reputation, which can, in the long-term, transition into loyalty, word-of-mouth and reputational growth.

So now that you are communicating on your website, you require a means of sharing it with the online community. Create and configure a popular social channel and simply share links to your blog updates. Voila!

The more comfortable you get with your post and share practices, the more frequently you can generate content and more comfortable you get with managing and sharing content on multiple social media platforms.


A content-driven social channel approach

In deciding that you don’t want to follow the post and share strategy, or do not have a site and site blog, your approach to social media marketing, might need to be more content-driven in order to convey your company message to the public.

Starting small but effectively can have a big impact for the good name and introduction to your brand or service. Time allows for growth, synonymously you can expand your online and social media management in accordance with the expansion of your internal productivity and long-term and short-term goals.


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