Optimizing WP Live Chat Support for Speed

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We are aware of just how important page load speed is and have decided to put together a small tutorial on how to improve the effect our plugin has on your page load speed. It’s also important to note that by making these changes, you’ll also be improving the page load speed of your entire site as these changes will have an effect on other elements and not just our plugin’s elements.

Step 1: Defer JS files

Please review this gist on how to defer the loading of our plugin’s JS files, specifically for the front end. Add this to your theme’s functions.php file.


Step 2: Install W3 Total Cache

Once installed, ensure the following settings are updated:

  • Minify (enabled)
    • Mode: Auto
    • HTML Minify settings:
      • Enable
      • Inline CSS minification
      • Inline JS minification
    • CSS Minify settings:
      • Enable
      • Combine only
      • Preserved comment removal (not applied when combine only is active)

This will concatenate and minify all CSS files dramatically improving the page load speed of your site.


Step 3: Make use of a CDN or CloudFlare (optional)

Although we already use CloudFlare for our externally loaded CSS and JS files (we minimize them for you), it would be a good idea for you to make use of a CDN or something like CloudFlare to speed up other elements of your site through better caching, image optimization and Geo-DNS settings.


As and when we find additional page load speed improvements (pertaining to our plugin), we will update this post.


Post last updated: 11 March 2018


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