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Work productivity, whether you are office bound or working from home, goes hand in hand with your work environment. Indirectly, your environment has an influence and impact on your daily routine and state of mind. By organizing your space to fit your workflow and personality, you initiate or continue with projects without delay and are subconsciously motivated to reach your predefined deadlines and goals.


For individuals working remotely, who have control over their desk space and immediate environment, the following should be kept in mind:

  • By sectioning off a specific area for pure work-related purposes, you body and mind recognises when it is expected to concentrate and apply mind to matter.
  • Temperature control is important; working in a space that is too hot makes you drowsy, while working in a space that is too cold makes you uncomfortable and causes you to lose focus.
  • Ensuring that your work space is equipped with proper lighting and ventilation keeps your mind fresh and alert and doesn’t cause unnecessary strain on your eyes.
  • To guard against interruptions or distractions, develop habits such as placing your cellphone out of sight, not facing your desk to a window and removing any distracting materials from your desk.
  • Position your desk and chair comfortable; you might need to work for long periods of time!


Of course, for individuals who are office-bound and work under the supervision of another, it is more difficult to personalize or rearrange their work environment.

These simple steps can have a tremendous impact:

  • Declutter your desk; a cluttered work space oftentimes delays your productivity and prevents you from thinking clearly about your goals.
  • Always have water or something to drink at hand. Taking regular sips during your daily duties allows oxygen to make its way to your brain and keeps your mind fresh and alert.
  • Bring your personally to the table; literally! By placing recognisable or meaningful ornaments or materials on your desk, you feel more at ease and acquaint with your work environment.


An environment fitting to work demands and needs plays a vital role in ensuring that you deliver a quality and innovative work product.

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