Major changes for WP Live Chat Support

by November 12, 2015 Leave your thoughts


We’re in the process of removing restrictions on the free┬áversion and introducing a number new features for the pro version as well as releasing new powerful extensions.

The free version is now unrestricted

We have decided to take the limitations out of the free version. From now on (version 6), the free version allows you to:

  • Have unlimited chats (no longer just one)
  • Show that you’re offline and capture offline messages
  • Change the colors, theme (6 themes) and animations (4 animations) of your chat box
  • Adjust the different text strings of the chat box
  • Add your avatar and company logo to the chat box
  • Adjust the delay for the chat box to show up

Traditionally, all of the above was only available in the pro version of the plugin.

New extensions

We’ve been hard at work creating a number of powerful extensions. You now have the option to purchase only the features that you need. The new extensions are as follows:

  • Cloud server (use our server to host chats)
  • Mobile app and desktop app (in beta)

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