Let’s be frank, keeping customers happy is no joke

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Providing excellent customer service via a live chat application system, requires overcoming an imperative but inevitable obstacle: unruly customers. We like to refer to them as the not-so-excellent customer personality types. Being experts in the field of customer service and support, we thought it necessary to share some of our valuable customer satisfactory tips and secrets with you, so as to enhance your live chat experience and increase your chances of real-time success.


The different not-so-excellent customer personality types:


Expectation Sam

For this not-so-excellent customer personality type, progress and functionality development will never happen fast enough.  Release dates are long overdue, upgrades are lacking and newest, biggest version of your product, is simply not good enough.

The best way to deal with an Expectation Sam, is to be clear about progress and current events. Making promises or unsupported statements can detrimentally affect the reputation of the business, when such promises are later demanded.


Unsatisfied Sally

With Unsatisfied, the dissolution of one problem instantly creates another. This personality type is often times unsure of what they want themselves.

Dealing with Unsatisfied Sally depends on the merit of each conversation, but usually includes thanking her for her input and noting it for reference, showing genuine interest in her thoughts about the product and ensuring that she receives prompt, personal and undivided customer service attention.


But Bob

But Bob’s not-so-excellent personality type encompasses a constant, argumentative ?but?. With this personality type, it is especially important to avoid two ends of the conversation trying to prove they know better!

Dealing with a But Bob is as easy as keeping three word in mind: patience, thoroughness and the ?count-to-ten’ stress relieving routine!


These are merely a handful of the infinite number of personality- and not-so-excellent personality types out there. Yet just as any reward worth receiving requires patience and dedication, so does your live chat customers. Facing challenges with a positive attitude is our tried and tested method for real-time satisfaction, and is the sought-after customer live chat solution that will place your product or business, on a sure path of enduring rise and unmeasurable success.


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