iOS App Development Update

by January 26, 2018 10 Comments

It’s no secret that we have had many challenges when it comes to the iOS app. First of all, I’d like to apologize to everyone that has been waiting months for the release of the app. Secondly, I think it’s only fair for me to inform you of where we are with the development of the iOS app.

After a failed attempt at creating an app, many pressing challenges we had to face in 2017, and an agreement to build the app in native iOS code (not Cordova, etc.) we decided to contract a local company to build the iOS app. The agreement was to have the app ready in two months. After 5 months we had an app that was only 75% complete and the developer informed that us they no longer had capacity to work on the project.

The app is in a workable state (you can accept chats and initiate chats with visitors) but there is still more to be built before being released as a completed and tested app.

Two staff members within Code Cabin will be going on extensive iOS development training over the next couple of months in order to keep the development of the app in-house, so to speak. With that being said, we have a position open for a developer that has iOS app development experience.

Again, I humbly apologize for the delay. We are truly trying our best to get this out as fast and as stable as possible.


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