Over the past decade, the number of online stores and businesses have dramatically increased and are today some of the most popular and preferred means of purchase. The convenience and accessibility of online and e-commerce stores have made it possible for entrepreneurs to enter the market in a cost-effective and affordable manner, making their success rate more probable.


For the benefits of owning and operating an eCommerce store, compared to traditions startups, there are no equivalents. It’s a smart, effective and fast-paced solution for any individual looking to sell and a market their talents, crafts or products.


The abovementioned advantages includes:


  • Global reach. An online store is not constricted to certain reachable geographical areas.
  • Budget-friendly. All you need is a website and a product!
  • Pro-active practices. Your business potential is not constrained by building renovations, water and electricity installation or activation or stock keeping. You get to the selling and cashing-in part, almost immediately!


Are there any drawbacks?


Surprisingly (and according to research conducted by our field experts), customers easily oversee the increasing number of benefits an e-commerce store provides, when faced with their biggest frustration: a lack of customer service and communication.


The manner in which your customers are treated or feels after making a purchase can have a big effect on the prosperity of your business, especially when word-of-mouth marketing and your reputation is considered! But with the rise of online activity, this objective has become increasingly hard for store managers and business owners to reach.


Well, until now at least.


At WP Live Chat Support, we have identified this need and developed a market revolutionizing product for your eCommerce store; a live chat plugin! By adding a live chat solution on your website and online store, you give your customers and website visitors the benefits of online order and purchase, while maintaining their satisfaction!


  • Initiate a chat with potential buyers
  • Answer product questions immediately
  • Assist with purchase or order information
  • And provide a personalised online experience!


There’s no question about its effectiveness and success!


Seven out of ten customers say that they prefer a live chat option on a website, because it allows them to achieve their desired goal within the first few minutes of landing on a page.


So why wait any longer?

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