The versatility and benefit of a live chat solution has oftentimes been stressed and is the topic of many well-argued discussions and blogs. When it comes down to it, real-time chats on your website are an important tool that equips you with the ability to promote, satisfy and sell. WP Live Chat is a live chat plugin for WordPress that’s easy and simple enough for anyone to install and understand, but comprehensive enough to cater to any industry.


SO how can live chat be utilized beneficially towards travel?

  • Convenient online travel arrangements
  • Save time and money
  • Global Reach
  • A means of marketing


Convenience online travel arrangements

Society’s everyday habits and routine portrays a very important element all business operators should be aware of and consider in business practice; people pay for convenience. The market is vastly becoming an online platform with online orders, payment and deliveries. So why can’t travel be as well?

With a live chat solution on your travel blog/website, (especially a live chat solution as feature-rich as WP Live Chat), website visitors are spared the time and effort to search for the best accommodation and travel deals themselves; a travel agent can assist them right away! Instead of needing to communicate in person or via email, customers can enquire, book and do payments online!


Save time and money

The benefits of live chat for travel are endless and further include reduced costs and expenses, informed customers and clientele and travel agent availability 24/7!


Global Reach

Live chat affords your travel business/blog the opportunity to make a global shift, catering to all customers at any hour! Real-time communication builds your travel expertise and reputation, stimulates a climate of positive word-of-mouth and is further an opportunity to upsell and promote your other travel products.


A means of marketing

To top it off, live chat is a means of marketing by which its outcome and success is determined by your input. Unlike SEO or PPC, live chat gives you solid and guaranteed improvement and can now even be analyzed with internal statistics and reports!


Implement WP Live Chat on your travel blog/website today and watch your well-deserved dollars travel all the way to your bank!

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