A rise in the number of online travel blogs have brought significant growth in the interest of travel and the need for live chat on travel and tourism websites. The tourism industry is faced with the challenge of preventing customers from searching for travel arrangements themselves and providing them a comprehensive on-site search and booking solution.

Live Chat enables travel companies to guide and assist customers in real-time and facilitate their online travel arrangement experience.


 Live Chat Agents as Search Tool

Live Chat provides for tailored solutions to travelers looking for a specific travel and accommodation experience, as agents can guide travellers with information about flights, meals, hotels and transport facilities.

Many customers are unaware of the fact that they can have a rich travel experience, even though they are doing so on a budget. By recommending specific deals, agents assist customers to find travel options fitted to their financial position.


Conveniency and Assurance by Live Chat

Whether it’s in regards to their documentation (visa, passport), flight arrangements or foreign destination, all travelers have concerns they wish to address before embarking on their travel experience. Instead of stressing about simplicities or doing hours of research, travellers can consult live chat agents while online and feel rest assured with his/her booking and travel arrangements.

For first time travellers, live chat is convenient to enquire about currencies, travel laws, airport regulations and country restrictions. Your customers will not only be provided by a tailored solution, but a well-rounded, comprehensive one!


Sealing the deal

Trusting an online service to take your money in return for travel arrangements can be both scary and dissuading. Customers are wary of online bookings and payments and are cautious not to step into a trap.


Chatting to an agent while making a purchase, provides customers with peace of mind for the following reasons:

  • They have a source of knowledge if the need for instruction arises.
  • They have a name and reference should the payment record not reflect.
  • They get a sense of legitimacy of the service/company/business.


Live Chat for the Tourism Industry has become an imperative element in ensuring the satisfaction of travellers. With the added benefit of cutting costs, streamlining communication and saving on time, it’s safe to say that Live Chat is quickly becoming a necessity, rather than an accessory.
At WP Live Chat Support we have developed our chat functionalities to such an extent that it can be utilized for any industry. We provide a market leading product at a fraction of traditional communication costs.

Live Chat and tourism goes hand-in-hand as it is a sales, booking, marketing and information tool the tourism industry can simply not operate properly without.

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