Job interviews are stressful; a fact both the interviewer and recruiter grasps and caters for. Recruitment companies are specialists in identifying proper candidates for designation positions, yet the procedure behind this can oftentimes become tedious and admin-heavy. WP Live Chat Support is proposing a solution.


For any recruitment agency, live chat as recruitment tool becomes multi-purposes:

  • Chatting to a candidate reveals many aspects a Curriculum Vitae cannot capture.
  • Document exchange becomes easy and simplified.
  • Candidate arrangements are swift, simple and saves on time and money.
  • Live Chat expands the market for recruiters.


Chatting to a candidate reveals many aspects a Curriculum Vitae cannot capture


Regardless of what a candidate’s Curriculum Vitae states, live chat communication reveals the language, grammar and professional skill of the individual being chatted to. It becomes easy to pinpoint whether or not the individual is fluent in english, excels in his writing ability or has a sense of professional communication etiquette.


In terms of personality and background, live chat helps recruiters establish whether or not a candidate would be a good fit for the chosen position. Common examples of this includes knowledge of industry jargon, the manner in which the candidate interprets information or a means of communication, as well as the use of language and vocabulary.


Document exchange becomes easy and simplified


With WP Live Chat Support’s file sharing functionality, documents are shared in real-time and on demand. This prevents delayed procedures due to outstanding information about the candidate. Because this solution simplifies the overall recruitment process, individuals become more willing to partake and become candidates, as it does not require them to go the great lengths to secure a response to their application.


Candidate arrangements are swift, simple and saves on time and money


With WP Live Chat Support, arrangement via live chat cuts on telephonic costs and time-consuming email conversations. Live Chat thus increases internal efficiencies and allows for multi-tasking.


Live Chat expands the market for recruiters


If your recruitment business has been constrained by geographical reach, WP Live Chat Support opens up a world of possibilities for you. Because information can be shared easily and quickly and documents can be transferred without additional hassles, your business is given the ability to reach out to both employers and candidates that are out of your geographical reach.

Your recruitment agency can simply act as the middleman in location A and choose the appropriate candidate to meet with their potential employer in location Z. Correspondence are made simple with WP Live Chat’s real time chat solution, at no additional cost to your company.

Lastly, a recruiter cancels out the possibility of stress obscuring the candidate’s ability to properly present him- or herself to them. As such, the recruiter will be able to draw an accurate inference from the candidate’s application and place them in positions that are fitting to both their personality and skills.

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