Live Chat as a multi-industry solution and necessity is one the rise and WP Live Chat Support has features to accommodate it all. Live Chat for Hospitality, in particular, has proven to not only be a successful online booking tool, but is quickly becoming this industry’s preferred communication channel.


Research conducted by World Travel Monitor, proved that online bookings account for almost half of the total worldwide bookings. Live Chat is an intricate revenue stream for any guesthouse, hotel or bed and breakfast who places importance on customer convenience and satisfaction.


Benefits of Live Chat for a guest house or bed and breakfast

Establishments that are small in nature places focus on cost-effective business practices. Utilizing Live Chat as a communication and online booking tool, cuts more than half of the costs usually associated with lengthy phone calls or Skype sessions.


Furthermore, a guest house or bed and breakfast retains its sense of personalized service. Conversating via email quickly becomes tedious and time-consuming when the weight of attending to other daily tasks, causes a noticeable delay in response.


Benefits of Live Chat for a hotel or lodge

Although big establishments like hotels or lodges are awarded up to eight stars for appeal and service, they still lack key elements a live chat solution can provide them; convenient, hassle-free bookings, personalized customer service and immediate inquiry and response.


So big or small, catering to domestic or international, a real-time chat solution impacts both customer conversion and retention.
WP Live Chat Support strives to continuously provide you with a rich-features tool that’s able to meet these needs and will forever assist your hotel, guest house, lodge or bed and breakfast with communication excellence and the ability to go forward.

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