As a blogger, your time is often consumed by either, well, blogging, or embarking on the adventure you intend to write about next. And although you love and adore your readers, you simply do not have the time to enter into lengthy email conversations or respond to every question and comment. That’s why we have made it easy for you!


WP Live Chat Support is an excellent live chat tool and will give you and your readers an effortless, quick and affordable means of communication. As you publish a new blog post, you can choose to show your chat as online and listen to your customer’s thoughts about your newest piece, in real-time!


In times when you are in need of inspiration, you can call upon your readers to guide you or even ask them if they are enjoying your articles. Once satisfied with your feedback, you can stay online, but simply switch the chat to display offline.


For Big or Small

For bloggers with millions of subscribers, this could be beneficial in terms of showing your readers the personality behind the writing genius. For small bloggers, live chat is a great means of building your reputation and loyal fan-base.

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