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We like to develop, we’re sure you know that by now. More importantly, however, is the fact that we like to develop for our customers. WP Live Chat Support is built of and driven by our customers’ insights and suggestion and we would like you to encourage you to get involved with our team. We value every bit of input and we aim to provide you with a product that is ideally suited to your business’ needs. If that means adding additional functionality, tell us! We are forward-thinkers, customer-helpers and development-doers!


Recently, we have added a number of new features to WP Live Chat Support and that with the help and suggestions of our beloved plugin users. We were given the exciting task of adding the following features:


A typing indicator

Both the customer and live chat agent is now able to see when the other is busy typing a message.



Greet your customer according to their individual needs, based on predefined rules.


File Sharing

Upload images or documents to better help your customer with queries or promotional information.



Track the progress of your live chat and your live chat agents.


Social Icons

Link to your social pages from your live chat box!


To top it off, we have already started gathering information for our next batch of feature updates (and we have some super exciting things in store!). Remember to send us your suggestions via any of our social channels found below.

Remember, for us to be forward-thinkers, customer-helpers and development-doers, we need our customers’ voices to light and guide our way! 🙂


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