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    Hi, im the webmaster of http://pmn.mx. I recommended this plugin to my client, cause i used the free version with no problem about 1 year ago in other site, so i thought that the pro version could just work excellent on my client’s site, so he bought pro version but doesn’t work at all.

    1.- Chat just doesn’t work… No real time communication. User doesn’t get my messages and viceversa.
    2.- Most time (in fact it happens in your own site since i tried to contact you using your own chat) the chat tab just get stuck in “connecting. please be patient”.
    3.- I upgrade the other day,and got asked for API key. But when i followed some instructions by you to solve those issues, i deactivate basic and pro, and when i activated again, the API key field just dissapeared… but i did the same again (deactivate and activate) and got asked for API key again.
    The email used in the transaction was my client’s one: juanvielledent@hotmail.com

    Yes, there are some issues with java if you check those again for me. Here is the link to a printscreen i made: http://s9.postimg.org/r0azbgsji/weewfwe.jpg

    Thanks, i hope you can help me with this. Basically the plugin is useless right now, and my client is asking me to solve this asap.

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