Not Receiving Notifications of New Chats

Troubleshooting errors in WP Live Chat Support



When a new chat is received, you should receive a notification through one or all of these channels:



Audio Notification Troubleshooting



Email Notifications

  • Have you enabled email notifications on the Settings page? (See WordPress Dashboard → Live Chat → Settings → Chat Box.) Scroll down to the Chat notifications setting and click in the checkbox. Then click the Save Settings button.


not receiving notifications check box


  • Check your Spam/Junk Mail folder to ensure the notification has not been marked as spam by your email client.
  • If you can’t find the email in the Spam folder, you can check to be sure that your WordPress installation is sending email using a plugin which logs emails sent from the server, such as Postman SMTP.
  • If you find that emails are being sent from your server, but you are not receiving them then emails from your server may be being discarded as Spam before they even reach your email client. You might want to look into a transactional email service.
  • If the email logs show that emails are being sent from your server, but not by WP Live Chat Support, please contact us.



Browser Notification Troubleshooting

  • Please note that Internet Explorer and Edge do not support Desktop Notifications.
  • Please note that Chrome does not support Desktop Notifications unless you have an SSL.
  • Have you clicked a pop-up window allowing WP Live Chat Support to send you desktop notifications? You should see a permission authorization pop-up when WP Live Chat Support first attempts to send a notification. Click the Allow button.



If the above does not assist in solving your query, please get in touch.