My Chat Box Is Not Showing

Troubleshooting errors in WP Live Chat Support


If you’re chat box is not showing on the front-end, please ensure you do the following checks before getting in touch with us:


  1. Instances when the Chat Box will not show
  2. You have all the needed Plugins installed
  3. Wp_footer() is being Loaded
  4. You have JavaScript errors on the Page



1. Instances when the Chat Box will not show

  • You’re using the Basic Version and you do not have your Chat Dashboard open.
  • The default delay before the chat box appears is 10 seconds.
  • You have Business Hours enabled excluding that time slot.
  • The page has been Excluded or not Included.
  • Chat is disabled: Live Chat → Settings → Enable Chat



2. You have all the needed Plugins installed

Please ensure that WP Live Chat Support and WP Live Chat Support Pro are installed and activated (Pro, if applicable). See this article for details on installing WP Live Chat Support Pro.



3. Wp_footer() is being Loaded

Some custom WordPress theme developers forget to install a very important standard WordPress hook called wp_footer(); which many plugins, including WP Live Chat Support, use.


Ensure that your theme’s footer.php file has this hook by doing the following:

  1. Log in to the admin section of your WordPress site as an Administrator.
  2. Go to WordPress Dashboard → Appearance → Editor. 
    1. Note: This function may be deactivated for security reasons and the Editor option may not be present on your WordPress site. If this is the case, you’ll need to view your WordPress theme’s footer.php file using a text editor and FTP.
  3. While viewing the footer.php file make sure that wp_footer(); is called just before the closing </body> tag..
  4. If the wp_footer(); code is missing from your theme add this line to your theme’s footer.php file:
    1. <?php wp_footer(); ?>.
    2. Note: This example is based on the previous line being straight HTML (which it normally is). If the line in your theme is PHP code use this code instead wp_footer(); ?>.
  5. If you have changed the footer.php file, save it and upload it to your server to your theme’s folder (where you downloaded it) if you are working with the file via FTP.



4. You have JavaScript errors on the Page

Use this WordPress tutorial to help identify JavaScript errors on your website’s front-end. See:


If there are in fact javaScript errors on your page, this could cause WP Live Chat Support to not function correctly. By reading the JavaScript error, you may be able to determine which plugin is causing the error. Test by disabling the problematic plugin and checking whether that fixes the problem.



If the above does not assist in solving your query, please get in touch.