Pro Changelog

8.0.09 – 2018-10-09 – Low priority

  • Fixed issue with custom fields in admin area
  • Fixed issue with choose online functionality
  • Fixed issue with chat ratings not storing


8.0.08 – 2018-07-19 – Low priority

  • Fixed an issue that caused an agent to get logged out
  • Fixed an unset variable issue (‘wplc_chat_icon’)
  • Fixed an issue with trigger conflict detection
  • Fixed an issue with saving inputs for offline fields
  • Fixed issue with uploads
  • Fixed issue with remove agent button
  • Fixed PHP7 compatibility issues (Localize Script)
  • Fixed PHP7 compatibility issues (Localize Script)
  • Fixed issue with custom fields (fid undefined)
  • Fixed attachments missing on reload (Admin only)
  • Fixed issues with chat email notifications when using chat relay server
  • Tested Multi-Site compatibility
  • Added .doc and .pdf as allowed file upload types
  • Fixed permissions issues with Voice Notes
  • Fixed upload issues with Voice Notes
  • Fixed UI/UX issues with Voice Notes
  • Added Safari compatibility for Voice Notes
  • Added waveform and embedded play to Voice Notes (wavesurfer.js)



  • Optimize images
  • Mootools compatibility
  • Fix new chat request email notifications


8.0.06 – 2018-05-30 – High priority

  • File upload secuirty vulnerability fixes thanks to Riccardo Ten cate


8.0.05 – 2018-05-28 – Medium priority

  • Removes the deactivation survey


8.0.04 – 2018-05-24 – High priority

  • Added GDPR Compliance module


8.0.03 – 2018-03-23 – High priority

  • Patched the legacy system to not allow for SVG file uploads
  • Fixed a bug that caused apostrophes to be infinitely escaped for the Offline Messages Auto Responder ‘From’ name
  • Fixed a bug that caused a PHP errors within the data triggers file
  • Fixed a bug that caused ’empty string’ error notices to appear
  • Fixes realtime agent count in admin bar
  • Fixed menu control filter running before basic


8.0.02 – 2018-01-29 – Low priority

  • Removed HTML2Canvas
  • Fixed the bug that caused issues if your folder name was not wp-live-chat-support
  • Styling bug fixes
  • Fixed emoticon bug where ‘_’ would cause certain emoticons not to render
  • Fixed Image Upload bugs, where certain paths would become corrupt due to formatting


8.0.01 – 2018-01-24 – High priority

  • Complete performance overhaul
  • Message Editing added
  • Drag and Drop file sharing
  • Improved loading of Quick Responses
  • Better Department and Agent Transfer handling
  • Event reporting, showcasing user events by the user
  • Agent to Agent Chats
  • Direct User to Page functionality added
  • Internal Device Management Area
  • Webhooks now supported (Allowing Zapier Integration)
  • Better Doc suggestions
  • Support New API endpoints
  • Real time online/offline switch
  • Typing preview


7.0.06 / 2017/06/15 / Medium priority

  • Added better cloud support
  • Added support for the new UI changes to the modern theme
  • Email notifications now work when using the cloud server
  • Fixed a bug that caused the option ‘disable on home page’ to not work correctly
  • Added more sensitivity to documentation suggestions


7.0.05 / 2017/05/16 / Medium priority

  • Fixed a bug that caused the offline message box to not show up when outside of “business hours”
  • Added ability to exclude pages with custom post types


7.0.04 / 2017/03/13 / Medium Priority

  • Bug Fix: Bad function call to decrypting messages has been fixed


7.0.03 / 2017/02/15

  • Better handling of the agent name in the ‘is typing’ functionality


7.0.02 / 2017/02/03

  • Fixed a styling issue that affected images being sent via the chat


7.0.01 / 2017/01/26 / High priority

  • Removed our copy of PHPMailer (contained a vulnerability). The plugin now uses WP’s built/in version of PHPMailer which includes the vulnerability patch.


7.0.00 / 2016/12/14

  • Changed the `msg` column to LONGTEXT to accommodate longer system notifications
  • Changed the way we display when an agent or user is typing
  • Added documentation suggestions
  • Added system notifications for both agents and users
  • Ability to add custom fields to the chat box
  • Ability to create departments
  • Ability to transfer chats between agents and departments
  • Ability to send an auto responder when a new offline message has been received
  • Ability to set business hours for auto responder
  • Performance improvements made to the typing indicator


6.3.01 / 2016/10/27

  • Fixed a bug that caused the settings page to return a 403 error on some sites
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some messages from not being encrypted


6.3.00 / 2016/09/15

  • Added ROI Functionality
  • Added ROI Reporting


6.2.03 / 2016/08/29

Fixed a bug where time triggers would start when page loads. Time triggers now only run after the initial ‘chat delay’


6.2.02 / 2016/08/23

Fixed a compatibility issue when using data triggers and PHP 5.3.x or under


6.2.01 / 2016/08/22

Fixed a bug in the data triggers module


6.2.00 / 2016/08/22

  • Added Data Triggers
  • Added User Experience Ratings to Reporting Area
  • Added ability to switch to using WordPress Display name for agents
  • Fixed a bug where the admin name was showing incorrectly in the admin chat area
  • Fixed a bug where include/exclude functionality would not work on SSL sites


6.1.02 / 2016/07/19

  • Selectionstart bug fixed
  • Agent online count bug fixed
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the quick responses from working when using the cloud extension
  • Added support for cloud server chat ratings


6.1.01 / 2016/06/13

Fixed a bug that caused the number of agents online to display as zero


6.1.00 / 2016/06/10 / High priority

  • Display a typing indicator when the agent or visitor starts typing
  • Long poll does not run when offline or when you have selected to not accept chats
  • You can now add social media icons to your chat box (visitor side)
  • New text editor feature / add bold, italic, strikethrough, subscript and more
  • New file sharing feature / share images, videos, pdfs any other type of file except for executable files
  • Bug fix / Length of undefined in Edge Browser
  • When opening chat box the plugin does not call on the server to check a blank API key
  • Fixed the bug that stopped email addresses such as “[email protected]” from validating
  • You can now change the ringtone of incoming chats
  • Advanced options to control the long poll variables
  • You can now disable the initiate chat feature which will substantially improve performance
  • New chat experience rating feature / get real time feedback from your visitors
  • New reporting feature / view reports for chats, agents and top pages
  • Many other smaller bug fixes


6.0.02 / 2016/04/07 / Low Priority

  • Fixed a bug that caused a warning when deactivating in the ‘Choose When Online’ deactivation hook
  • The plugin does not call on the server to check a blank API key
  • Long poll does not run when offline or when you have selected to not accept chats
  • Bug fix / Length of undefined in Edge Browser
  • When opening chat box
  • Fixed the bug that stopped email addresses such as “[email protected]” from validating


6.0.01 / 2016/04/07 / Low Priority

  • You can now exclude the chat window from the homepage or archive pages
  • Fixed a bug that caused the chat window to display on the homepage when being excluded
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from choosing to allow users to make themselves agents


6.0.00 / 2016/03/16 / High priority Major update

  • Merged all extensions into the pro bundle
  • New chat box theme Bug fixes SSL bug fixes
  • Quick responses added back into the plugin


5.1.04 / 2016/03/01

  • Medium priority SSL bug fix for the cloud server


5.1.03 / 2016/02/02 High priority

  • jQuery Cookie updated


5.1.02 / 2016/01/20 / High priority

  • Further bug fixes to the offline message functionality


5.1.01 / 2016/01/20 / High priority

  • Offline message bug fix / both sending and storing


5.1.00 / 2016/01/13 / Low priority

  • New hooks:
    • wplc_hook_missed_chat / Hook for when a live chat is missed / fires in the live chat ajax call so be careful not to output anything as it will break the JSON return
    • wplc_hook_offline_message / Hook for when an offline message is triggered
  • Bug fixes Initiate chat now works with cloud server users
  • Fixed a bug that caused the column name ‘from’ to cause issues on some servers


5.0.7 / 2015/10/12 / Low priority

  • Added the extensions page


5.0.6 / 2015/10/12 / Low priority

  • Introduced new hooks:
    • wplc_hook_admin_visitor_info_display_before / Allows your to add HTML at the beginning of the visitor details DIV in the live chat window
    • wplc_hook_admin_visitor_info_display_after / Allows your to add HTML at the end of the visitor details DIV in the live chat window
    • wplc_hook_admin_javascript_chat / Allows your to add Javascript enqueues at the end of the javascript section of the live chat window
    • wplc_hook_admin_settings_main_settings_after / Allows your to add more options to the main chat settings table in the settings page, after the first main table
    • wplc_hook_admin_settings_save / Hook into the save settings head section. i.e. where we handle POST data from the live chat settings page


5.0.5 / 2015/09/17 / Low priority

  • You can now choose to disable the sound that is played when a new live chat message is received
  • Fixed a bug that caused some live chat settings to revert back to default when updating the plugin


5.0.4 / 2015/09/09 / Low Priority

  • Fixed a bug that displayed an error message to update plugin while using the latest version (Pro)
  • Alert message removed when a user was made an agent on the settings page (Pro)
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the user from typing if they had a previous chat session (Pro)


5.0.3 / 2015/08/20 / Low priority

  • Fixed a bug that caused a long delay for the user after the agent accepted the chat
  • Fixed a bug that stopped showing the chat box when using the cloud server on the new pro version


5.0.2 / 2015/08/20 / Medium priority

  • Major performance improvements (300% reduction on local resource usage)
  • The plugin is now compatible with caching plugins
  • Fixed a bug that caused the chat window to not show when you opted to show the chat box on certain pages only


5.0.1 / 2015/08/03 / Medium priority

  • Refactored the code so that the live chat box will show up even if there is a JS error from another plugin or theme
  • Fixed a bug that caused a WP_Error fatal error on the settings page when the server was down
  • Fixed a bug that stopped you from adding an agent
  • Fixed a bug that forced chat agents other than admins to refresh the page to see their chats
  • Live chat box styling fixes: top image padding; centered the “connecting, please be patient” message and added padding
  • The live chat long poll connection will not automatically reinitialize if the connection times out or returns a 5xx error
  • Hardened the security of the connection to the Cloud API


5.0.0 / 2015/07/29 / Medium priority

  • New, modern chat dashboard
  • Better user handling (chat long polling)
  • Added a welcome page to the live chat dashboard
  • The live chat dashboard is now fully responsive
  • You are now able to see who is a new visitor and who is a returning visitor
  • Bug fixes in the javascript that handles the live chat controls
  • Fixed the bug that stopped the chats from timing out after a certain amount of time


4.5.6 / 2015/07/15 / Low Priority

  • Improvements: Improvements made to Ajax file


4.5.5 / 2015/07/13 / Low Priority

  • Improvement: Styling improvements on the live chat dashboard


4.5.4 Espresso / 2015/07/03 / Low Priority

  • New Feature: You can now encrypt all of your live chat conversations
  • Improvement: Checks put in place for certain elements in admin JS file


4.5.3 Ristretto / 2015/06/26 / Low Priority

  • Security Enhancements
  • API key functionality introduced
  • External server capability introduced


4.5.2 2015/05/28 Low Priority

  • Bug Fix: Exclude Functionality (Pro)



  • Bug Fix: Error fixed on Settings page
  • Bug Fix: Warning fixed on settings page


4.5.0 2015/04/10 Low Priority

  • Enhancement: Animations settings have been moved to the ‘Styling’ tab.
  • New Feature: Blocked User functionality has been moved to the Free version
  • Enhancement: All descriptions have been put into tooltips for a cleaner page
  • New Feature: Functionality added in to handle Chat Experience Ratings (Premium Add/on)


4.4.10 2015/03/23 Low Priority

  • Bug Fix: Bug in the banned user functionality
  • Enhancement: Styling improvement on the Live Chat dashboard
  • Enhancement: Strings are handled better for localization plugins (Pro)
  • Updated Translation Files:   Spanish (Thank you Ana Ayelen Martinez)


4.4.9 2015/03/17 / Low Priority

  • Bug Fix: Warnings for animations showing erroneously
  • Bug Fix: Including and Excluding pages intermittent when using more than one page


4.4.8 2015/03/16 / Low Priority

  • Bug Fix: Mobile Detect class caused Fatal error on some websites
  • Bug Fix: PHP Errors when editing user page
  • Bug Fix: Including and Excluding the chat window caused issues on some websites
  • Bug Fix: Online/Offline Toggle Switch did not work in some browsers
  • (Pro) New Feature: You can now Ban visitors from chatting with you based on IP Address
  • (Pro) New Feature: You can now choose if you want users to make themselves an agent
  • (Pro) Bug Fix: Chat window would not hide when selecting the option to not accept offline messages
  • (Pro) Enhancement: Support page added
  • Updated Translations:
    • French (Thank you Marcello Cavallucci)
  • New Translation added:
    • Norwegian (Thank you Robert Nilsen)
    • Hungarian (Thank you GInception)
    • Indonesian (Thank you Andrie Willyanta)


4.4.7 2015/02/18 / Low Priority

  • New Feature: You can now send an offline message to more than one email address
  • (Pro) New Feature: You can now specify if you want to be online or not
  • (Pro) New Feature: You can now choose to record your visitor’s IP address or not


4.4.6 2015/02/13 / Medium Priority

  • Bug Fix: Styling Issues Related to Animations/Transitions


4.4.5 2015/02/12 / Low Priority

  • New Feature: You can now apply an animation to the chat window on page load
  • New Feature: You can now choose from 5 colour schemes for the chat window
  • Enhancement: Aesthetic Improvement to list of agents
  • (Pro) Code Improvement: PHP error fixed
  • Updated Translations:  German (Thank you Dennis Klinger)


4.4.4 2015/01/29 / Low Priority

  • New feature: Live Chat dashboard has a new layout and design
  • Code Improvement: jQuery Cookie updated to the latest version
  • Code Improvement: More Live Chat strings are now translatable
  • New Live Chat Translation added: Spanish (Thank you Ana Ayelïnn Martïnez)


4.4.3 2015/01/21 / Low Priority

  • New Basic Feature: You can now view any live chats you have missed
  • New Pro Feature: You can record offline messages when live chat is not online
  • Code Improvements: Labels added to buttons
  • Code Improvements: PHP Errors fixed
  • Updated Translations: Italian (Thank You Angelo Giammarresi)


4.4.2 2014/12/17 / Low Priority

  • New feature: The chat window can be hidden when offline (Pro only)
  • New feature: Desktop notifications added
  • Bug fix: Email address gave false validation error when not required
  • Translations Added: Dutch (Thank you Elsy Aelvoet)


4.4.1 2014/12/10 / Low Priority

  • New feature: You can now toggle between displaying or hiding the user name in your Live Chat messages
  • New feature: You can now choose to display the Live Chat window to all or only registered users
  • New feature: A user image will now display in the Live Chat message
  • Code Improvement: jQuery UI CSS is loaded from a local source as using an external source caused issues on some sites using SSL
  • Bug Fix: Only Admin users can make users Live Chat agents
  • New WP Live Chat Support Translations added:
    • Mongolian (Thank you Monica Batuskh)
    • Romanian (Thank you Sergiu Balaes)
    • Czech (Thank you Pavel Cvejn)
    • Danish (Thank you Mikkel Jeppesen Juhl)
  • WP Live Chat Support Translations that have been updated:
    • German (Thank you Dennis Klinger)


4.4.0 2014/11/20

  • Chat UI Improvements Small bug fixes



  • New Feature: You can now include or exclude the chat window on certain pages
  • Code Improvements: (Checks for DONOTCACHE)



  • It is not required to enter your name and email address anymore.
  • Logged In users won’t have to enter their details.
  • Turn the chat on/off on a mobile device.



  • Bug fix: sound was not played when user received a message from the admin




  • Added “Quick Response” functionality
  • Small bug fixes
  • Internationalization update
  • New WP Live Chat Support Translation added:
    • Swedish (Thank You Tobias Sernhede)
    • French (Thank You Marcello Cavallucci)



  • Code improvements (Errors fixed in IE)
  • Chat performance improvements


4.2.0 / High priority update

  • Significant performance improvements
  • Small bug fixes



  • Code improvements (PHP warnings)



  • Significant performance improvements:
    • Visitor list is only updated once every 3 seconds
    • Introduced new constants to control the delay between long polling requests and requests within the long poll call
    • Chat window will now only show in one window (if user has multiple tabs open on your site)
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Image bug (front end) fixed



  • Major bug fix / in some instances admin couldn’t chat (answered by other agent message)
  • Backend UI Improvements



  • Vulnerability fix (JS injections). Thank you Patrik @
  • New feature: You can now show the chat box on the left or right
  • Fixed bug in menu where multi/agent user could not access it
  • Fixed 403 bug when saving settings
  • Fixed Ajax Timeout error (Lowered From 90 to 28)
  • Multi Agents is now standard in pro
  • Fixed PHP Notices (settings page)
  • Added option to auto pop up chat window
  • Added Italian language files. Thanks to Davide Panta



  • Initiate chat bug fix



  • Backwards compatibility checks



  • Small bug fix



  • Overhauled all ajax requests to server to to be less resource intensive
  • Added more localization to strings that weren’t being localized
  • Added Feedback Menu
  • Added Welcome Page
  • Added Support For Multiple Agents (Add On)
  • Fixed “Chat Pending” Forever showing to user / Chat now displays admin is away message
  • Completed chats / Visitors are returned to browsing
  • Fixed Many Bugs



  • Added more strings to po file
  • Fixed select boxes in settings to show selected option
  • Fixed table headers changing back to english on alternative language installs



  • Fixed bug showing all errors
  • Fixed bug of function not found / wplc_get_home_path



  • Fixed no validation on offline email send bug
  • Fixed Languages Bug
  • Fixed 500 error from ajax when wp/content had different name



  • Fixed input height issues
  • Fixed input overlapping bottom of chat
  • Fixed Endless Connecting
  • Testing chat is now easier (No Crossing over to other browser)



  • Fixed bug showing undefined variables
  • Fixed minimize bug that starts ringing again



  • Fixed Placeholder text not displaying in IE



  • Email bug fix



  • Fixed Close & Minimize Button Styling Issues
  • Fixed bug where text was not hidden when offline message was sent
  • Fixed bug that would hide text behind image if text was 2 lines
  • Fixed bug that continuously scrolled chat down
  • Fixed styling of inputs on some themes (overlaps chat box)
  • Set CSS color for inputs
  • Fixed bug that wasn’t alerting admin in wp/admin to chat if Alert via email was set
  • (Pro) Fixed Double opening bug if chat was moved
  • Fixed Bug to inform admin and user either or has ended the chat Fixed other small bugs



  • Updated Styling of plugin
  • Chat window is now draggable
  • fixed bug generating characters on activation



  • Fix Update Plugin Bug




  • Added Support For WP/Mail Now
  • Fixed bug not saving Alignment
  • Fixed bug not saving if Enabled or not



  • Chat Delay Value Shows Up Now
  • Added remove image button
  • Fixed image not showing on fresh install
  • Fixed image been lost on settings save



  • Added support to email for proper smtp (phpMailer)
  • changed .live to .on
  • Fixed cookie bugs
  • Add delete history option
  • Set minimize bar to correct color
  • fixed bug where refresh page would make chat disappear
  • Chat Initiation Bug fix
  • Set Database charset from Latin to UTF/8
  • Added error reporting



  • Fixed a bug that was causing “page not found error”
  • Better UI for the settings page
  • Added the ability to end live chats



  • Fixed offline message email bug



  • Major performance improvements
  • Plugin now uses the new media manager to upload your profile pic and logo
  • A sound now plays every time a visitor replies to one of your chat sessions



  • You now have full control of the fill and font color of your live chat box
  • Enabled the ability to turn live chat on or off
  • Better notification of incoming live chats
  • Added more localization support
  • Plugin should now be compatible with caching plugins
  • Plugin now uses the normal WordPress update functionality



  • More precise functionality to handle if you are online or offline
  • Fixed a bug that recorded visitors when offline
  • Neatened up some code
  • Fixed some small bugs



  • Added “not available” functionality.
  • Allows the visitor to leave a message when the admin is offline.
  • You can now get notified via email if someone is trying to start a chat with you.
  • Better front/end UI.