Mobile and Desktop App

This article covers installing and activating the Mobile and Desktop App of WP Live Chat Support.



  1. Installing the App Extension on your WordPress Site
  2. Validating the App Extension on your WordPress Site
  3. Installing the App on your Desktop or Mobile device
  4. Test App



1. Installing the App Extension

In order for the Mobile and Desktop Application to function as intended, you will need to ensure that you have installed WP Live Chat Support (Basic) and purchased and installed the WP Live Chat Support Mobile and Desktop App Extension, on your WordPress site.

Please consult this article for an overview of installing and activating our basic version.

After your purchase of the App has been completed, you should receive a download link from us. This will download the App Bundle in a zipped file. Please unzip this file to find the App installer and zipped extension (plugin) inside.


mobile and desktop app bundle

You will then need to navigate to your WordPress Admin area  Plugins  Add New  Upload.


uploading the app extension


Click the Choose file button and select the zipped extension file from your files directory.


installing the app extension


Click Install Now.


After the plugin is installed, the page will refresh and you’ll see the screen below.


activating the app extension


Click the Activate button to activate the Mobile and Desktop App extension.



2. Validating the App Extension

Once the App Extension is Installed and Activated on your site, you will need to verify the plugin using your API Key.

Navigate to Live Chat → API Keys. Enter your API Key in the provided field and click Verify.


adding the app extension


Once your API key has been verified, your status will change to Valid.


validating the app


To update (reset) the domain linked to your API Key, please consult this article.



3. Installing the App on your Desktop or Mobile

  • Windows: Within the zipped file you received during the purchase of the Mobile and Desktop App Extension, you should see an installer for windows labeled LiveChatApp-Installer.exe. Please run this installer and follow the prompts to complete the installation.


app extension bundle file



Authorize Your Device


On your WordPress site, navigate to WordPress Dashboard → Live Chat → Devices.

On your mobile/desktop device either scan the QR code displayed there or enter the API key manually into the app on your device. You’ll find these options on the Settings menu on your app.


android app settings


Once done, return to your WordPress site and click the Approve button as shown below.


verifying the live chat app


Using the Android App


Once you have approved your device on your WordPress site, you can return to the Android app. Click the Go Online button to begin receiving chats.

Once your app is online you’ll be notified of incoming chats.


android app



4. Test App