Cloud Server

Please see the below resources available for the legacy users of WP Live Chat Support’s Cloud Server.


  1. Why do I need the Cloud Server when using the Mobile and Desktop App?
  2. What are the benefits of using the Cloud Server?
  3. What does App Refresh Time mean?
  4. Cloud Server Extension Changelog



1. Why do I need the Cloud Server?


The Mobile and Desktop App requires more consistent communication than the traditional connection methods used in the Basic and Pro versions on the plugin.

This means that the polls sent back and forth between the App and your site will require a large amount of resources compared to just using the Pro from your site.

For this very fact we have decided to use a Cloud Server to ensure that the performance of your website is not negatively affected by these continuous polls. The App and Desktop Version communicates directly with our Cloud Server and relays that information back to your website in an efficient and non-resource intensive manner.

This way, you get a continuous chat experience without using your site resources or worrying about laboring your website.



1. What are the benefits of using the Cloud Server?


Peace of Mind
The Cloud Server Extension gives you one less thing to worry about on your web server. All of your chat data is stored in a cloud server off-site.

Hosting your chat in the cloud takes a resource load off of your web server. Fewer resources being consumed on your web server gives you greater stability, reliability, and security. The Cloud Server Extension can improve chat performance by up to 200% in terms of chat connection and messaging time.

When you use the Cloud Server Extension, all chat data is stored on a remote server in the USA which is protected with a Secure Socket Layer certificate. This means all data to and from the server is encrypted and server over HTTPS.



3. What does App Refresh Time mean?


Please note this is no longer applicable in the latest Version of the Mobile and Desktop Application.



4. Cloud Server Extension Changelog


2.0.00 – 2017-06-02 – Medium priority
– Switched over the new cloud server API endpoint (v4)
– Added support for the new chat box UI
– Added the ability to export your last 100 chats to a CSV file
– The offline message list now pulls the correct data
– Fixed a bug that caused the site to simply `exit` when it could not connect to our cloud server
– You can now see chat history within a missed chat
– Fixed a bug that caused formatted text to not work when using the cloud server
– Fixed a bug that caused images to not show up correctly on the user’s side
– Fixed a bug that caused “is typing” to not work correctly within the admin’s chatbox

– Disabled support for transfer and departments – these can be used with the new Node server and are not compatible on the PHP Cloud server
– Added support for integrations with the new node server (message relaying)

1.1.01 – 2016-08-22 – High priority
– Changed API Calls to version 3.2
– Added Delete History Functionality (Cloud)
– Added Delete Missed Chats Functionality (Cloud)

1.1.00 – 2016-07-19 – High priority
– New chat api now being used: 3.1
– Fixed the bug that stopped basic users from accessing offline messages Fixed the bug that stopped basic users from accessing chat history
– Fixed the bug that stopped basic users from accessing missed chats Added the ability to use “typing…” with the cloud server
– Added support for chat ratings to be used with the cloud server

1.0.04 – 2016-03-16 – High priority
– Works with the new Pro version

1.0.03 – 2016-03-03 – Medium priority
– Fixed the bug that did not record the user’s IP address

1.0.02 – 2016-03-01 – Medium priority
– Conflict resolution with changing common variable names to unique variable names
– The extension now points to the SSL version of the cloud server

1.0.01 – 2016-02-02 – Medium priority
– Fixed a bug that tried to get the chat box when the cloud server was not enabled

– Launch