Send your visitors targeted messages (triggers) based on certain actions they take on your website.

*Please note that this is a Pro feature only. 



To create Triggers for your Live Chat, navigate to Live Chat Triggers.


triggers feature


Click the Add New button to create a new Trigger.


setting up triggers


Start by giving your Trigger a Name and Type.

Page Triggers fire when a Visitor visits a certain Page.
Time Triggers fire when a Visitor has been on a Page for over a set amount of time.
Scroll Triggers fire when a Visitor has scrolled through a percentage of the page height.
Page Leave Triggers fire when a Visitor begins to leave a Page.


creating a trigger


Determine on which page the Trigger must show by entering its ID. In the Content Replacement block, you can specify the message that will replace the default Live Chat text on this particular page.


creating triggers


Ensure that you enable the Trigger and click the Create Trigger button to save your changes.