Track the performance and use of your Live Chat with our Reporting feature.

*Please note that this is a Pro feature only. 




To view your chat statistics, navigate to Live Chat Reporting Overview.


live chat reporting


Total Agents
The total number of agents that have used WP Live Chat Support since the plugin was installed.

Total Chats
The total number of chats received since the plugin was installed.

Total URLs
The total number of URLs (pages) a chat was initiated on since the plugin was installed.

Chats Per Day
A bar chart showing the number of chats received per day.


chats per day chart



Navigate to Live Chat Reporting Popular Pages.


This tab shows a pie chart displaying the most popular pages on which a chat was initiated.


chat per popular page chart



Navigate to Live Chat Reporting ROI Reporting.


In order to use ROI (Return on Investment) Reporting, you must set ROI goals. Please see this article for more information.

This area will show your value per conversion, total value and total conversion. It will further display value by agent and value by date.


chat per date chart



Navigate to Live Chat Reporting User Experience Ratings


Enabling User Experience Ratings allows you to see comments and ratings left for your agents, by site visitors.



 Enabling User Experience Ratings