Quick Responses

Learn how to create Quick Responses for your Live Chat.

*Please note that this feature is only available in the Pro.



To make use of this feature, navigate to → Live Chat → All Quick Responses.


quick response list


Click the New Quick Response button.

Give your Quick Response a Title and add your preferred message.

Although the Add Media button and formatting toolbar appear on the Editor panel, they will not affect your response, so it is best not to use them.

For bullets, use a “-”.

URLs will be clickable, so you can type them in, preceded by a description if you wish.

Once you have finished creating your QR, click the Publish button.


sample quick response


Using Quick Responses

Chat Agents use this feature by clicking the button with the lightning bolt icon.


using quick responses


The agent can then select the desired quick response from the popup list.


selecting a quick response