Translate WP Live Chat Support into your preferred language.



  1. Changing the main strings in the plugin
  2. Translating the plugin’s PO files
  3. Using a localization plugin



1. Changing the Main Strings in the Plugin

There is no need to install a localization plugin on your site to translate the strings presented to your visitors by WP Live Chat Support. You can translate or simply change these strings yourself in the WP Live Chat Support settings.

Navigate toLive Chat → Settings → Styling.


changing the main strings of the plugin


Scroll down until you see the series of text boxes labeled Text. These are the fields you will fill in to translate, or simply change to some other string you’d prefer; the main text strings used by WP Live Chat Support.


changing the main strings of the plugin



2. Translating the Plugin’s PO Files

To translate our plugin you will first need to download and install POEdit. POEdit is an editor for translating apps and websites that use gettext (which WordPress does). You will find Windows and Mac downloads and Linux/Unix source code on the Download page.


installing po edit


Download and install the appropriate version of POEdit to your computer.

Next, you’ll need the English Language file (wplc-en_EN.po) from WP Live Chat Support. You will find this file in the /languages/ folder underneath the main wp-live-chat-support folder for the plugin.


Translating with POEdit

Open POEdit.

Click the Open button at the top of the screen and then navigate to and open the wplc-en_EN.po file.


translating the plugin


You’ll see a warning at the top of the screen that the language of the translation is the same as the source language. Click the Fix language button to the right of this message.


po editor settings


On the Catalog Properties window, select the Language you want to translate the plugin into. You can also add your team name and email address to give yourselves credit for the translation. Then click the OK button. Before going any further, click the File menu then select Save As and save your file under another name, using a two-letter abbreviation for your chosen language. For each string you want to translate, select the string in the Source text area and enter your translation for the string in the Translation area.


After you’ve completed your translation, please send your translated files to us. Then we’ll add them to the next update we release. We’ll give credit to you for the translation in our readme file (please provide us with your first and last names for the credits). We will also send you a copy of WP Live Chat Support Pro as a thank you for taking the time to translate WP Live Chat Support.



3. Using a Localization Plugin

If you are using a localization plugin to translate other plugins, you may find that the strings in the WPLC chat window are not translated. Many localization plugins cannot translate text (strings) which are output through a variable.

If you are using a localization plugin and find that none of the strings in the chat window are being translated, please navigate to → Live Chat → Settings. Click on the Styling tab.

Check the checkbox labeled I’m using a localization plugin. Then scroll down and click the Save Settings button.


using localization check box


Keep in mind that once this option is saved, you cannot change the strings using the text boxes that follow this option on the Styling page. Your localization plugin should translate them but you cannot modify the strings themselves.