Advanced Features

Learn more about the Advanced Features available in WP Live Chat Support.



  1. Adding Custom Scripts
  2. Webhooks



1. Adding Custom Scripts

To add custom CSS or JavaScript to your plugin, navigate to Live Chat Settings → Custom Scripts.


adding custom scripts


Add your custom code to the blocks provided and click Save Settings.



2. Web Hooks

Webhooks allow you to monitor certain events as they happen, sending small useful data packets to a target URL.


Let’s take a look at the options available when creating a new webhook:

  • Event: Select the event you would like to monitor.
  • Target URL: Set the URL you would like to send the event data to
  • Push to Online Agent Devices: When you are using the Android App, all online agents will receive a simple notification stating this event has been fired.
  • Method: How would you like to deliver the data to your target URL (GET or POST)


Event Options:

  • Agent Login: When an agent logs in to your site
  • Device Linked: When a new device is linked
  • Device Unlinked: When a device is revoked
  • New Visitor: When a new visitor comes onto your site
  • Chat Request: When a new chat is started
  • Agent Accept: When a chat is accepted by an agent
  • Settings Changed: When a user has edited your chat settings


webhooks in advanced features


Once you have setup the webhook to your preference, they will be fired automatically as they occur.

As an example you could create a new Webhook which fires whenever a New Visitor views your site, and set it to Push to Online Agents Devices, which would then send you a notification on your Android device whenever a new visitor views your site.