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We recently sent out a survey asking what you liked or disliked about our plugin. When the results were in, we found that although you love our plugin’s features and capabilities, you dislike the fact that the plugin negatively affects the performance on shared hosting plans, and that we do not have an iOS app yet. This is all about to change!

Introducing Version 8 – our biggest, most robust and feature rich release yet. Take a look at some of the new features and functionality:



Agent to agent chat

Chat directly to other agents from within the new chat dashboard!




Message editing

Allow agents and users to edit messages that they have sent.




Typing preview

Know what the user is typing before they send their message!





Add some fun to your chats with emoticons




Event notifications

Get more information on what the visitor is doing on your website.

Events such as clicking, scrolling, filling out a form, idling, copying and pasting, special keyboard events, highlighting text and more are sent to the agent.




Department transfers

Transfer chats to either an agent, or to a department!




Native Android App

(iOS app coming 28 Feb 2018 – Currently in TestFlight Beta – Register here)

We’ve completely overhauled the Android app. It is now faster, runs in the background and receives push notifications so you’ll never miss another chat again.




Improved performance

We’ve really gone to town with improving the performance in this release. We’ve custom built a scalable and reliable message relay server which completely takes the pressure off your hosting environment.




New Scalable Server

All chats are now controlled via our new reliable and scalable Node server, but you will still be in full control over your data. All chat data will only be stored on your local server (WP database)




More features

New chat dashboard

Drag and drop to upload files and documents

Improved UI on the front end

GIF integration



Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!


  • [email protected]

    Are you about ready to release the IOS extension for mobile and desktop Extension?

  • buttheme

    Hi, Thanks for presenting this useful plugin and I’m glad to have your choice
    There is a very big problem in the current version
    Sometimes chat does not open for users, and even agents
    This problem occurs when the chat is open and go to another page and open the chat on the current page.
    Now if you return to the previous page, the chat page is hidden !!?
    Is this problem solved in version 8?

    • Veronique

      Hi there. I’m so sorry to hear this! This might be a conflict on your site itself. Please submit a ticket via our Support Page, so that we can look into this for you? 🙂

  • Looking forward to this, we are buying soon. 🙂

  • Toni

    hey? Any news? Are you gonna move release date again?

  • buttheme

    Date passed from October 19th !!!
    Why do not you publish version 8 of the plugin ??
    Has a problem occurred.
    Please keep track fast.

  • buttheme

    Please send me a mail if the new version is ready

  • buttheme

    It’s been two months since the release of beta!!
    What is the reason??
    Please notify the release date ..

  • Alex

    IOS Release date ?

  • Nathan

    It is now December 16 and still no news on when version 8 is going to be released. Please can you give us all an honest update as to what is going on and when a “public” release will be available for users (not beta testers) and when the iOS app will be available publicly as it does not take two months to get an app into the app store so please dont say that it does.

  • Nick

    Hi Nathan
    We had some issues on the account approval process along with our DUNS number (which we have been waiting on since Feb 2017 to no avail). I decided to register a different account to see if that would be better (private account) which we will be launching the app on to avoid having to keep waiting. We have also had issues with development along the way which I wont get into. I am sorry to all for the delay with the app but I would rather release a decent app than releasing an app with only half the features and full of bugs.

    With that being said though, the beta version is live and allows you to install the app to your iOS device. If you would like to get involved with the beta version (through TestFlight) let me know and I will add you.

    Kind regards

  • Alan

    Hi Nick,
    Are there plans to increase the number of languages chats can be translated into? I’m considering switching our current chat provider but you don’t currently have languages like Polish, Urdu etc…..all of which are spoken by a lot of our service users.

    • Veronique

      Hi there Alan,

      Thanks so much for getting in touch.

      We are actively working on expanding our language selection. 🙂 Our plugin is easily translatable, and we mainly rely on our community to translate the plugin for us. If you add the needed translations for your site and send us the files, we’d be happy to compensate you for your time. 🙂

  • Please send me iOS beta access via TestFlight.

  • are you still offering test flight? I need to know before I purchase.
    thank you

  • Comment repasser à l’ancienne version ?? la version 8 ne fonctionne pas chez moi !! le chat affiche 0 visiteurs.. et ne se met pas à jour !!

  • I’m still waiting for a chat plugin that could be used on a multivendor website that could be enabled/disabled from admin. To clarify, each vendor/store would have his/her own chat bot.

    • Veronique

      Hi there,

      Unfortunately, WP Live Chat Support is directed at agent to visitor communication.

      So sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  • Hi,
    I would like to buy the pro version of the plugin but first I need to know if V8 is already fully compatible with WPML for multilingual sites.

    Many thanks.

    • Veronique

      Hi Garcia,

      We have worked closely with WPML to ensure our plugin is WPML compatible. Although new text is introduced with updates, we do our best to ensure all strings are fully compatible.

      I hope this helps? 🙂

  • Would you be able to advise when the iOS app will be available please?

    • Veronique

      Hi there James.

      Our iOS App is available in Beta TestFlight. 🙂

      Our developers are currently working on this.

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