Adding Surveys and Lead Forms to your live chat with NimbleSquirrel.



  1. Enabling Surveys and Lead Forms
  2. Creating a Survey



1. Enabling Surveys and Lead Forms

You can use Nimble Squirrel to add Surveys and Lead Forms to your Live Chat box.


Navigate to Live Chat → Settings → Surveys and Lead Forms. Enable this feature by checking the enable box.


Surveys and Lead Forms




2. Creating a Survey

Click on the create a survey and then refresh this page link. You  will be directed to the NimbleSquirrel registration page. 


Create an account at (or login to your existing account). Click on Domains on the side menu.

Type or paste your WordPress site’s URL (including “http://”) into the text box below Website URL. Then click the Add Domain button.


adding your domain


To create a Survey, click on Surveys on the side menu at Nimble Squirrel. Then click the Create Survey button.


creating a survey


On the next panel, select the type of Survey you wish to create. You can choose from three types of forms with a free account and can use Lead Forms with a paid account. Here, we’ll create a Standard Popup Survey.


choosing a survey type


Create a custom survey or poll.


  • Survey Name – Give your survey a name you’ll recognize


  • Popup Delay (seconds) – The default is 10 seconds.
  • Thank You Message – Type in the message you want to displayed after the survey is completed.
  • Layout (requires paid Nimble Squirrel account)
  • Style (requires paid Nimble Squirrel account)
  • Survey Question – Type in the question you want to ask your visitors
  • Answer – Type each answer you wish to make available to users in a separate text box. You can add answer boxes by clicking the +Add Answer button. If you need to remove an answer, click the -Remove Last Answer button. (This removes the LAST answer in the list — if you need to remove one of the other answers you’ll need to edit the answers above and then remove the last answer.)




Once you’ve filled in all the fields, click the Create Survey button.


customizing your survey


Return to your WordPress site and refresh the Live Chat → Settings → Surveys & Lead Lead Forms page.


Select your Survey from the dropdown and the click the Save Settings button.


enabling surveys and lead forms


Now your Survey is enabled. Once a chat has been completed your chat visitors will see your survey form.


live chat survey