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WP Live Chat Support is a fully functional WordPress chat plugin at a fraction of the cost!

Don't bother with monthly subscriptions. Pay once off and that's it!

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Increase sales

Increase sales by communicating directly with potential buyers at the time when they are ready to do so.

Fully Customizable

Customize every feature of your chat experience such as adding your company logo and having full control of all text fields within the plugin.

Initiate Chats

Initiate chats with online visitors while they are browsing your site.

At only $29.95, you pay a fraction of what you would normally pay.
Initiate chats with visitors. Customize your chat experience by including your company logo and your avatar. Control all text fields. Access chat history.
We offer world-class support to our customers through multiple channels such as our documentation, support forum and contact form

Why Choose Us?

      • Increase in sales
      • Initiate chats with active online visitors
      • Fully customizable chat experience
      • World-class support
      • Add your own name and picture to the chat window
      • Add your company logo to the chat window
      • Edit all text fields
      • Access previous chat records
      • No need to pay monthly subscriptions